Peace & Harmony

["ThetaHealing® Guided Meditation"]

Product Description

Peace & Harmony
by Susanne Marie and Dr Eric Fassbender
Mastered by Peter Houtmeyers

Based on scientific research and spiritual practice, Dr Eric Fassbender and ThetaHealing® Master Susanne Marie have partnered to create a series of 7 guided meditations. The meditations are intentionally kept short (9 minutes) so you can listen to them before heading off to work, during your lunch break, before going to bed or any other time when you have a few minutes to spare and need to unwind. Each meditation focusses on one particular area of personal healing and features Susanne's gentle and calming voice accompanied by some very soothing background music interspersed with uplifting sounds of nature. Each meditation was conceived by Susanne Marie while being connected to the Creator to achieve the theta brainwave frequency, thus these tracks are extremely powerful in their effect.
  • 1 Connecting With Nature (9:00)
  • 2 Letting Go Of Fear (9:00)
  • 3 Finding Peace Within (9:00)
  • 4 Finding Your True Self (9:00)
  • 5 Raising Self Esteem (9:00)
  • 6 Attracting Abundance (9:00)
  • 7 Finding Happiness (9:00)
  • Total: 63 Min

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