Om - Tibetan Singing Bowl and Nature Sound Meditation

["Nature Sound Meditation"]

Product Description

This album merges the meditative sounds of a Tibetan Singing Bowl with Nature Sounds from all over Australia. While we follow this sonic journey through nature, the gongs of the Tibetan Singing Bowl gently remind us of the ongoing rhythm of life. Listen to the cycle of water as it travels down the river into the ocean, evaporates, becomes rain and gives life to birds, insects and frogs. Finally we return to the river and the cycle continues where it began. Relax and enjoy this calming world of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Nature Sounds. Simply Om.

  • 1 Down The River (9:39)
  • 2 Ocean Arrival (5:29)
  • 3 Pebbly Beach (9:04)
  • 4 Summer Rain (9:26)
  • 5 Thunderstorm (9:10)
  • 6 Frog Chorus (6:36)
  • 7 Evening (6:46)
  • 8 Paradise Creek (8:02)
  • Total: 65 Min


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