Magic of Borneo

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by Wild Eden Nature Sounds

Come on a journey to the wondrous island of Borneo or as the southern, Indonesian part is nowadays called - Kalimantan. This is a wondrous island with many outstanding experiences waiting for anyone who dares to visit. An island full of magic and mysteries that are hidden in the depths of the dense jungle. Travel into some of the last remaining and untouched tropical rain forests on planet earth and hear exotic singing birds, gibbons and a serenade of insects as they go about their day in Kalimantan's tropical wet season. 

I have paddled on canoes into the mangroves of Central Kalimantan's national parks and hiked over brittle bamboo bridges and slippery jungle paths deep into the Meratus mountains to bring you these unique and relaxing sounds of nature from some of the last remaining primary rain forests. Kalimantan has deeply touched me and I am privileged to have the opportunity to share these amazing memories with you. Join me and hear the soundscapes of Kalimantan in these high quality nature recordings.

This album comes with a 26 pages digital booklet of photos from recording locations on Borneo to give you a behind the scenes insight into the locations where the album was recorded. Below are a few sample pages of the booklet.

  • 1 Gibbon O'Clock (6AM) in Taman Nasional Sebangao (8:30)
  • 2 Dawn Chorus in the Primary Rainforest (Part 1) (9:57)
  • 3 Jahanjang Central Kalimantan Primary Rainforest [Short] (9:53)
  • 4 Paddling on Lake Bulat (5:16)
  • 5 Loksado River (9:59)
  • 6 Insect Jungle Ambience (7:36)
  • 7 Dawn Chorus in the Primary Rainforest (Part 2) (5:29)
  • 8 Jahanjang Central Kalimantan Primary Rainforest [Full] (14:30)
  • Total: 72 Min

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