Journey to the Top End

["Nature Sounds", "singing birds"]

Product Description

Journey to the Top End
by Wild Eden Nature Sounds

A sonic journey across Australia's Top End. From birds at Fogg Dam and crickets and birds at Bukbukluk in Kakadu to the sounds of a comforting evening fire at Sandy Creek Falls we travel west towards Kununurra and listen to morning singing birds and crickets at Big Horse Creek and the hypnotising sounds of cicadas at Victoria River. Upon returning to Darwin we hear the rumbling of thunder and lightning strikes of a wet season tropical thunderstorm.

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  • 1 Birds at Fogg Dam (8:03)
  • 2 Crickets And Birds At Bukbukluk (4:47)
  • 3 Sandy Creek Falls Evening Fire (7:19)
  • 4 Morning Birds And Crickets At Big Horse Creek (15:59)
  • 5 Cicadas At Victoria River (8:27)
  • 6 Tropical Thunderstorm In Darwin (33:59)
  • Total: 73 Min

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