Journey to Australia - Vol. 2

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Product Description

Journey to Australia - Vol. 2
by Wild Eden Nature Sounds

This album is a compilation of 5 of your favourite recordings from Birds of the North Australian Tropical Rainforest, Journey to the Top End and Journey to Tasmania, plus 5 new and exciting recordings from across Australia. Listen to nature sounds online and delve into the diverse soundscapes of Australian birds and natural scenery and let the soothing nature sounds take you Down Under, to a quiet and serene place on the beach, near a river, in the rainforest or in the woods.

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  • 1 A Day On The Beach (9:53)
  • 2 Early Morning Songbirds (14:00)
  • 3 Morning Birds And Crickets At Big Horse Creek (13:48)
  • 4 Summer Creek and Crickets (4:27)
  • 5 Birds at Fogg Dam (8:04)
  • 6 A Walk In The Woods (4:44)
  • 7 Kookaburras (4:35)
  • 8 Evening Fire (7:19)
  • 9 Dripping Water At Yarra Ranges (5:24)
  • 10 Birds At Mystery Creek (2:23)
  • Total: 74 Min

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