Journey to Australia - Vol. 1

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Product Description

Journey to Australia - Vol. 1
by Wild Eden Nature Sounds

This compilation features over 100 Minutes of Australian nature sounds. Listen to the mesmerising sounds of Bellbirds of the Wollemi National Park or let your thoughts drift away to the soothing sounds of gurgling creeks. Experience what Australian gumtrees and bushland of the Northern Territory sound like before a storm rolls in and be captivated by the hypnotic singing birds and crickets in the outback of Australia. The waves of a quiet beach will gently take you to a place of peace and harmony.

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  • 1 Bellbirds (33:44)
  • 2 Bubbles In Creek (11:56)
  • 3 Wind Before The Rain Arrives (6:03)
  • 4 Crystal Falls (20:34)
  • 5 Crickets (12:22)
  • 6 Morning Birds (10:17)
  • 7 Waves (6:18)
  • Total: 102 Min

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