Heart of Bali

["Heart of Bali"]

Product Description

Heart of Bali - Bird Songs and Nature Sounds from Mt. Batukaru and the West Bali National Park
by Wild Eden Nature Sounds

Delve into the dense atmosphere of Bali's tropical rainforests as the birds greet the day at Balinese temples and the foothills of Mount Batukaru. Travel with us to the West Bali National Park to find the last remaining specimens of the endangered Bali Starling and hike down a gorge to reach a breathtaking yet calming waterfall. Experience Bali's unique jungle atmosphere and a powerful thunderstorm as the rain and thunder roll over the many rice fields. Recorded on locations across Bali, this album truly is a tribute to the unique biosphere that forms the Heart of Bali.

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  • 1 Morning Birds at Dalem Rainforest Temple (8:07)
  • 2 Mount Batukaru Morning (Part 1) (9:45)
  • 3 Mount Batukaru Morning (Part 2) (9:22)
  • 4 Endangered Bali Starlings at West Bali National Park (Aviary) (6:10)
  • 5 Ubud Temple (Part 1) (9:59)
  • 6 Ubud Temple (Part 2) (4:21)
  • 7 Melanting Waterfall (8:54)
  • 8 Munduk Jungle (9:55)
  • 9 Thunderstorm in the Rice Fields (Munduk) (9:49)
  • Total: 76 Min

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