Dreamchimes - Wind Chimes in the Australian Bush and Rainforest

["Dreamchimes - Wind Chimes in the Australian Bush and Rainforest"]

Product Description

This album was recorded out in the intoxicating atmosphere of the Australian bush and rainforest and features the sounds of 4 different wind chimes swinging freely in the wind while birds and insects sing their songs at the same time. The wind chimes were hung in the most serene and remote locations where the energy was just right and where the sounds of the wind chimes were able to complement the already mesmerising song of nature. This album is a tribute to these beautiful places and an offering to those who cannot travel to such places. If you want to dream of a warm and lush place where you can listen to your own inner song then this is the album for you. Find new energy from this ultra-deep form of relaxation. Wind Chimes and Nature Sounds - A combination made in heaven.

  • 1 A Creek Nearby (9:12)
  • 2 Relaxing Chimes (7:46)
  • 3 Windchimes And The Birds Of The Bush (6:58)
  • 4 Lazy Afternoon (6:08)
  • 5 Wind Chimes In The Rain (15:34)
  • 6 Bush Concerto With Wind Chimes (3:20)
  • 7 Heavenly Chimes (12:09)
  • Total: 62 Min


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