Dreamchimes 2 - More Wind Chimes in the Australian Bush and Rainforest

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Product Description

Dreamchimes 2 was created to help you disconnect from your busy life and find some peace and quietness in this otherwise loud and hectic world. The sounds on this album are designed so they help you drift into a half-state between being awake and falling asleep, a state that creates a feeling of deep relaxation. Very often you will in fact find that listening to a relax music mp3 on this album will result in you falling asleep. This is ok as a good night sleep is highly beneficial for your health and overall feeling of wellbeing.

This album is best listened to on good headphones, however, a good sound system will work too. Our recommendation is to put the album on quietly and slowly increase the volume until it feels comfortable. Then you should only have to adjust the volume very minimally, if at all. The aim is for the relaxing music mp3 to play softly at the edge of your attention while you are thinking of nothing else but peaceful places.

  • 1 Wind Chimes and the Ocean (9:54)
  • 2 Flowing Chimes (17:51)
  • 3 Bird Sanctuary (18:49)
  • 4 Wind Chimes in the Rain (11:54)
  • Total: 59 Min


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