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Product Description

Dream Waves
by Wild Eden Nature Sounds

Listening to Ocean Sounds significantly improves your sleep or helps those affected by tinnitus or sleeping in noisy environments. In these situations the masking of disturbing noises with the sounds of ocean waves has been shown to improve sleep quality by up to 37.5% !


If you are suffering from insomnia or tinnitus then our Dream Waves Ocean Sounds album is your saviour. Instantly experience a deeper and more relaxing sleep or find relief from tinnitus or other disturbing noises. Or just listen to it in the background and feel the calmness that comes from the sound of breaking waves.

This album contains 4 versions of the same basic ocean sound tracks. Some of these 4 sets add soothing music and/or binaural beats in the theta band to the nature sounds.

1 - In the first set we combine all three elements - Nature Sounds, Music and Theta Waves.

2 - The second set uses Nature Sounds with Theta Waves.

3 - Set three is for those people who like the combination of Nature Sounds and soothing Music but who do not like to have binaural beats in the tracks.

4 - Finally, the fourth set are pure and unaltered nature sounds if this is what helps you go to sleep.

Your download contains all for sets!!!

For the Theta Brainwave Entrainment to work you need to use headphones. You will notice that the frequency of the binaural beats is being reduced with each track and by 1 Hz throughout the track itself. This is designed to slow down your brain waves the longer you listen to a track or set. It also allows you to choose the specific frequencies that work best for you. If you are not asleep by the end of 'Bay of Dreams' we would be very surprised. In fact, we are so confident in our album that if you are not 100% satisfied and our sounds do not help with your sleeping problems or tinnitus, you will get your money back. Guaranteed!

  • 1 Tranquil Waves - 8-7Hz (12:14)
  • 2 Pleasant Beach - 7-6Hz (9:44)
  • 3 Peace And Serenity - 6-5Hz (5:37)
  • 4 Private Island -5-4Hz (12:30)
  • 5 Bay Of Dreams - 4-3Hz (30:33)
  • --- Nature Sounds + Theta Waves ---
  • 6 Tranquil Waves - 8-7Hz (12:14)
  • 7 Pleasant Beach - 7-6Hz (9:44)
  • 8 Peace and Serenity - 6-5Hz (5:37)
  • 9 Private Island - 5-4Hz (12:29)
  • 10 Bay of Dreams - 4-3Hz (30:33)
  • --- Nature Sounds + Music ---
  • 11 Tranquil Waves (12:14)
  • 12 Pleasant Beach (9:44)
  • 13 Peace And Serenity (5:37)
  • 14 Private Island (12:30)
  • 15 Bay Of Dreams (30:33)
  • --- Pure Nature Sounds ---
  • 16 Tranquil Waves (12:14)
  • 17 Pleasant Beach (9:44)
  • 18 Peace and Serenity (5:37)
  • 19 Private Island (12:30)
  • 20 Bay of Dreams (30:33)
  • Total: 4 x 71 Min = 284 Min = 4 hrs, 44 Min!


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