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Artist Profile Chrystal Nathal

Chrystal is a woman that lives her life guided by intuition. She is interested in the world, meeting and seeing people, cultures and places. Chrystal is born with a healing touch, a gift that runs in her family line. As a child she could see Angels, remember her past lives, and had telepathic conversations with angels and spirits.

When Chrystal was around 7 years of age her guinea pig had a big abscess under his eye, it was so big that the guinea pig could not eat anymore. Her mom told Chrystal that her guinea pig was dying. Intuitively Chrystal started to pray and put her hand around the guinea pig. She soon felt a tickling sensation on top of her head and out of her hands. The abscess broke open and the pus dripped out. When the abscess was empty Chrystal took her hands away, gave thanks to god and the guinea pig started to drink and eat again. This was the first time in Chrystal’s life that she was aware that there is a power and light source that we can access if we are in need of help. 

When Chrystal was in her early 20's, she was invited to join a shamanic sound healing circle where she was introduced to the Tibetan Singing Bowls. She immediately fell in love with the sound and from then on had only the one wish to own some beautiful Tibetan bowls one day. Months later Chrystal had dreamed about Tibet every night for a whole week and she did not understand why this was happening to her. A few days later a friend came around with two Tibetan master bowls that were hand made by a lama in Tibet especially for here. The time that the Singing Bowls were made was at the same period when Chrystal was dreaming about Tibet. She understood that she was meant to be working with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Chrystal playing her sacred Singing Bowls. Her Lama hand-made Master Bowls are the dark bowls on the very left and right.

When Chrystal was 25 she found a book with the title Inner Yoga. Inside the book she read, that inner yoga is the oldest and most difficult yoga practice. It is the path to knowing oneself. It is the path of the truth. It is the commitment to Buddha, to always speak the truth.
In the book it reads that your whole life will change if you practice inner yoga. Chrystal felt the challenge within and has been devoted to this path each and every minute of her life ever since. After completing a 7 year chakra healing course where she worked 1 year on each individual chakra, she received a strong message from the light, saying to here "Chrystal if you want to understand me, your life will be difficult, if you can trust me your life will be easy". After this message, she gave away all her belonging, which took her a full year. The only worldly things she kept were her Tibetan Singing Bowls which she keeps as her holy objects. When the house was empty, she felt relieved and free in many ways. Chrystal knew it was time for her to go and see the world as she was wondering about how people live on Mother Earth. Chrystal left her birth country Holland 14 years ago to go on a trip around the world and she has been traveling ever since. Spirit took her to India at first where she connected to the Tibetans. She prayed and stayed in monasteries for some time as she very much felt at home there.

A few years ago Chrystal spontaneously started to see the tantric symbol in her Third Eye when meditating. Intuitively she understood that this was the beginning of a new journey to been taken. Chrystal found an Indian tantra master who taught her the traditional tantra from a 6000 year old lineage from the Himalayas. With this master Chrystal learned the deeper tantric tradition of self realisation through working with Shakti and Shiva, para tan tantra. The tantra master also gave here a Venice/Hindu horoscope according to Chrystal's date of birth. Chrystal is born a Deva under the planet Venus, the planet of love & beauty and the energy of planet Venus works on our world to bring it into harmony with its inner meaning as a play of delight. 

Chrystal now dedicates her life to Tibetan Singing Bowl sound healing, privet, couples and groups, teaching on how to play Tibetan Singing Bowls (level 1 and 2), founder of inner yoga for inner peace. Para tan tantra for couples or privet. People feel at ease, respected, and loved in her presence.

Contacting Chrystal
You can visit Chrystal in Ubud Bali were she resides for most of the year. Her phone number in Indonesia is +81 (0) 999 807 694. Occasionally Chrystal is traveling and may not be able to meet you in person. In this case Skype is the 2nd best thing for energy transformational coaching sessions, or Privet Tibetan Bowl teachings. Her Skype alias is chrystal light or search for pascal.nathal
Alternatively, you can contact Chrystal via email on
You may also connect with Chrysatl via her Facebook page Living Goddess support to love and balance shiva shakti energy where she also posts about her most recent events. 


Chrystal with some of her clients 


  • 1 Root Chakra - C (10:44)
  • 2 Sacral Chakra - D (8:47)
  • 3 Solar Plexus Chakra - E (8:49)
  • 4 Heart Chakra - F (8:30)
  • 5 Throat Chakra - G (8:17)
  • 6 Third Eye Chakra - A (8:36)
  • 7 Crown Chakra - B (8:46)
  • Total: 63 Min

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