Tinnitus Treatments - Ways to stop or reduce the ringing in your ears Nature Sounds for the
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Tinnitus Treatments - Ways to stop or reduce the ringing in your ears

So you finally figured out what that high pitched noise in your ears is and you have learnt that there is a plethora of reasons that may be causing it. In the best scenario you will find out quickly what the cause is for Tinnitus in your particular case. However, this may take a while and there is no medication for tinnitus that is effective for everyone. There are, however, a couple of strategies to help you cope with the annoying ringing in your ears. You might have already tried some of these, while others may be new to you. 

Some of the therapies that are used for the treatment of Tinnitus include listening to White Noise, wearing Hearing Aids, taking Anti-Depressants, Magnesium and Zinc Supplements, Homeopathic Remedies like Ginko Biloba, Acupuncture, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Hypnosis and Cognitive Therapy. Some people go even so far as to have an operation on their ears (e.g. Coclear Implants). Apart from these  strategies there is a new therapy using music tracks that are encoded for each person's individual Tinnitus frequency. There is even a thing called the Tinnitus Miracle Cure, however, like many things that have the word miracle in their name, the effectiveness of this so called 'cure' is widely questioned. One thing that all of these treatments have in common is that there are a lot of anecdotal stories of their effectiveness, yet, very little 'hard' scientific evidence. And some of the above treatments can even have serious side-effects or risks (e.g. Anti-Depressants, Surgery) or they are time consuming or expensive. Nature Sounds on the other hand are a completely safe treatment method that has no known side-effects, can be used at home or anywhere that you can take your mobile audio player. Plus, they are very affordable. For less than $10 you can get more than an hour of treatment and escape into nature whenever and wherever you want. Listening to pure Nature Sounds is very relaxing and calming so the joyous songs of birds or the soothing sounds of gently gurgling water in a creek help you to de-stress and unwind. And since stress is one of the major causes for Tinnitus, going to a peaceful and relaxing place will not just reduce your stress level but consequently also reduce or eliminate your Tinnitus. If you are interested in the treatment of Tinnitus by using the sounds of nature, read on and find out about a number of scientific studies that show the effectiveness of Nature Sounds for the treatment of Tinnitus.

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