Relaxing sounds of nature

Quality recordings from beautiful, remote places

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Eric Fassbender and I have conducted studies on the effect of music on learning in virtual environments.


Through these studies I have become interested in the effect of nature sounds on the listener. On hiking trips into the Australian outback, mountains and bushland I experienced the calming effect that the sounds of nature have on the mind, soul and body, so I began recording these sounds so I could take them home and listen to them whenever I felt the need to recharge my batteries.

I found this to make a big difference to my life that I am now making these sounds available for sale.

Authentic nature sounds are a great way to reduce outside distractions and help the mind to focus on a given task. This website offers my recordings to you in the hope that you too may experience the calming effect of pure and energising nature sounds. These sounds of nature will hopefully assist you in disconnecting from a busy world, help you to listen to your inner voice and, by being able to listen to your inner voice, find what it is that you really want in your life.

Some of my favourites include:

Relaxing rainforest sounds from Australia

Recorded in the remote tropical rainforest in Australia's Northern Territory.


Allow your mind to wander through the sounds of tropical birds and bubbling natural hot springs.

These sounds are a wonderful way to calm your mind and facilitate meditation and deep levels of relaxation.

Take a warm and soothing bath in your own home while imagining yourself immersed in the rainforest. You will hear Honeyeaters and Whistling Kites as well as the occasional  Kookaburra and a beautiful Barking Owl, along with many other birds native to Australia's northern tropical rainforest.

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Ocean sounds with binaural beats

These recordings offer four versions which combine ocean sounds with theta waves and/or music.


Studies into brainwave entrainment have demonstrated the effectiveness of using sound technology to achieve an effect similar to meditation, the only difference is that it can happen spontaneously rather than taking years of practice.

Binaural beats will help improve concentration, reduce stress and enhance creativity.

For the Theta Brainwave Entrainment to work you need to use headphones. You will notice that the frequency of the binaural beats is being reduced with each track and by 1 Hz throughout the track itself. This is designed to slow down your brain waves the longer you listen to a track or set. It also allows you to choose the specific frequencies that work best for you. If you are not asleep by the end of 'Bay of Dreams' we would be very surprised. If you are suffering from insomnia or tinnitus then our Dream Waves Ocean Sounds album is your saviour. Instantly experience a deeper and more relaxing sleep or find relief from tinnitus or other disturbing noises. Or just listen to it in the background and feel the calmness that comes from the sound of breaking waves. We are so confident in our Dream Waves album that if you are not 100% satisfied and our sounds do not help with your sleeping problems or tinnitus, you will get your money back. Guaranteed!

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Recordings are based on my research

During my research I have found many examples for the healing power of ambient nature sounds and music, which is the reason why I began to search for those pockets of nature where there are no man-made or human-related sounds (aircrafts, chainsaws, barking dogs, etc.). Usually these locations can only be reached by foot, a couple of hours away from the last outposts of civilisation. I enjoy going even beyond those points as the experience is just so much more intense if I only hear the authentic sounds and smell the pure scents of nature. However, not everyone has the ability to go to these quiet places and this is the reason why I share my recordings with you - to give those who live in locations where they cannot find a quiet place to think, an opportunity to shut off the distractions and find their very own dream.

Dr. Eric Fassbender
PhD Virtual Realities

PS: Note that you will best experience the soothing and (hopefully) dream inspiring nature sounds and music with high quality headphones.