Samsung Gear VR Review: The Future of Virtual Reality

19 March 2015

Here’s some good news for Samsung Gear VR owners – your device is not just for gaming and movies anymore. It also helps you to unwind from your stresses and relax. While most owners will tell you that this device is amazing for gaming (and gaming is probably what most people had in mind when they purchased the Gear VR), the list of games and apps available for download is rather short at the moment. This is why the fascination of the Gear VR may dwindle rather fast for some people. While the Gear VR has given Temple Run a new lease in life with Temple Run VR, you wouldn’t exactly play this game for hours at a time every single day.

However, luckily there are other uses for the Gear VR than just gaming. If you own the Gear VR (or are considering buying it), you may be interested to hear that you can use it not just for entertainment purposes but also very effectively to reduce your stress and anxiety by using it for relaxation and meditation. If you’re still on the fence whether to buy the Gear VR or not and you feel that you can benefit from watching relaxing videos, this may well be the reason that could convince you to finally explore Virtual Reality and find some desperately needed peace and quiet literally within seconds.

gear vr

If you already own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Gear VR is a fantastic add-on to buy. The Virtual Reality that is created by the Gear VR is highly realistic and since it uses the Note 4 as a display screen and power source, you’re not going to limit yourself with wires. The Gear VR’s head tracking is also top-notch thanks to the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. Furthermore, there is virtually no lag when you turn your head, something that many other mobile phone based VR headsets suffer from.

Just as its full name, Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, implies, it’s far from being a finished version, however, it is already an absolute game changer. Virtual Reality has arrived now and it is here to stay.

VR Relaxation Atmosphaeres are Finally Here

Atmosphaeres are 360 degree video environments that are created with Virtual Reality Relaxation in mind. Recorded at beautiful and serene locations, our VR Atmosphaeres capture the calming surrounds and allow the user to soak up the full Atmosphaeres of a place while using the Gear VR. Watching these videos makes you feel like you are actually in another place, which means that if your idea of relaxation is sitting on a beach while looking at the peaceful waves and taking in all the sights and sounds, you can now do this in the comfort of your own home by downloading 360 degree videos to your Gear VR.

gear vr

With our recent release of Dream Beach 360, Feel the Relaxation is the first company to make full-length 360 degree virtual travel and relaxation videos available to the end-user. While you can use a high-powered computer to view these videos (with the Oculus Rift or just in a native app for your particular operating system), we actually recommend the use of the Gear VR and similar VR headsets for best results. This is mainly because it is a closed and tested environment and because of the high quality of the experience.

Reviewing the Gear VR with the VR Relaxation Atmosphaeres

The things that make the device work for gaming and other apps also make it work for virtual relaxation. First of all, it’s reasonably affordable. This is provided that you already own the Note 4 to start with since the Gear VR is basically a Note 4 accessory. It’s nowhere near the $10,000 price tag that futuristic movies back in the 90s led us to believe that the future of virtual reality would cost us. The Gear VR means that just about anyone who wants to watch a relaxing video in the comfort of their own home can easily do so with the help of this VR headset and our skillfully crafted Atmosphaeres.

Here are some of the benefits of the Gear VR when used for relaxation purposes:

    It is lightweight and offers a rather comfortable fit.

      There’s no point in having your “vacation at home” if you’re constantly reminded that you’re doing so with the help of a device. The Gear VR is not some heavy contraption. It’s very light and soon enough, you’ll forget that it’s there.

      I was also pleasantly surprised at how snug it feels. It’s cleverly-designed so it won’t slide off your head even if it’s a bit on the bulky side.

        It is very mobile.

          I love how you’re not limited by wires. Use it at home. Use it outside by your front porch. Use it while you’re out camping. Use it on a long-distance flight and sit on a beach instead of in a plane. As long as you have your Note 4 with you and it’s charged, you can use the Gear VR. Simply put, I like the fact that this offers virtual reality anywhere, anytime.

            The Atmosphaeres look and feel real.

            360 degree video

              I wouldn’t recommend this device to be used for viewing Atmosphaeres if I was not entirely happy with the graphics. The latency is very low which leads to amazing HD images and I’m highly impressed with how the Note 4’s low-persistence AMOLED display provides the Gear VR with state of the art graphics.

                Battery life is more than decent.

                  There’s nothing more frustrating than being interrupted in the middle of a relax video because the battery is running low. It’s the equivalent of someone kicking sand in your face while you’re relaxing on a towel at the beach. However, this is not the case with the Note 4. A fully-charged Note 4 has more than enough juice for you to relax through a 30 minute Atmosphaere. You may even watch it a second time if you need to.


                  The Gear VR is not a perfect device. It still has some room for improvement. However, if you already have it, why not maximize it? There’s no point in waiting for a better VR headset since you already have the best that is on the market right now. It’s just a matter of maximizing the device; and using it to watch relaxation videos is a good way to use its full potential.

                  I wouldn’t be recommending this device to be used for our Atmosphaeres if it’s not good enough for them. So let me assure you, it is more than capable. Try it out yourself. Download an Atmosphaere today and watch it in your Gear VR. Immerse yourself in ways you haven’t been immersed before.