Research Series - Part 1 - Nature Sounds and Cardiac Health

14 January 2013


Patients who go through cardiac surgical procedures experience nervousness and sometimes uneasiness as they undergo unaccustomed surgical events. Cutshall et al. (2011) conducted a randomised study in hospital settings that successfully utilised combination techniques of music and Nature Sound therapy to speed up the recovery process of post-operative cardiac patients. The study included 100 patients of which 49 patients were administered nature sounds and music. Results show that those patients who received the Nature Sound and music treatment registered an enhanced mean relaxation score as compared to a control group of 51 patients who did not receive any treatment. 

Recordings of Nature Sounds provide an additional non-invasive means for treating symptoms of nervousness, pain, and post surgical anxiety, thus helping cardiac patients to relax and recover faster.

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Cutshall S M, Anderson P G, Prinsen S K, Wentworth L J, Olney T L, Messner P K, Brekke K M, Zhuo Li, Thoralf M. Sundt III, Kelly R F, Bauer B A (2011). Effect of Combination of Music and Nature Sounds on Pain and Anxiety in Cardiac Surgical Patients: A Randomized Study, ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, Jul/Aug 2011, VOL. 17, NO.4 (Altern Ther Health Med. 2011;17(4):16-23.)