Research Series - Part 3 - Nature sounds that Nurture

20 March 2013


Nature sights and sounds are useful and effective stress management tools and for centuries, shamans and natural healers have intuitively used the therapeutic influences of nature sounds to heal. Today, nature sounds and their relevance cannot be emphasised enough as listening to nature sounds can have an immensely relaxing effect on mind and body. Sounds of calming ocean waves, cheerful birds chirping and forest rainfalls have beneficial effects on physiological functions like slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress hormone levels as well as boosting the immune system. Being in nature is healing—it slows us down and gives us time and space to think (Kreitzer et al., 2010).

Nature sounds hone our attention and act as a distraction from the stresses experiences in our daily lives. Nature sounds also help us to calm down our emotions and are an effective aid for meditation. A growing number of modern practitioners are reinventing and rediscovering nature sounds and tools that are used for healing and wellness. Browse over to our website today and enjoy the natural bliss and beauty that our nature sounds provide. We have choice quality recordings that can come in handy for individuals who have limited access to the natural environment and who cannot experience the benefits of listening to relaxing nature sounds, otherwise.

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