Research Series - Part 4 - Expectant Mothers and Nature Sounds

24 April 2013


Pregnant women who might be busy working or those who have limited access to nature, may find that outdoor recordings of nature sounds can be the perfect choice to make up for these restrictions. For expectant mothers, it is a convenient and cost-effective measure that enables them to enjoy the benefits of listening to nature sounds, while commuting to work or sitting right at home. Considering the advantages, a number of childbirth classes encourage and use soothing music and nature sounds to soothe the pregnancy pangs **. Both help to make pregnancy and the childbirth process less stressful.

Listening to the relaxing sounds of nature helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Since soothing nature sounds are a remedial measure with no known side effects(!) they can be a better choice than the unnecessary consumption of over-the-counter prescription medicines, especially during pregnancy. Nature sounds soothe and help with quality sleep stimulation for expectant mothers who might find the unwelcomed effects of pregnancy a bit strenuous. 

So why wait any longer? Browse over to our albums and indulge in tranquil ocean waves or other sounds of nature that will help you to de-stress and sleep better. A variety of choice quality recordings are available. Try the free  album long previews to see which nature sounds work for you. Click away!


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