Zeiss VR One LG G3 Mod by 360 Galaxies

26 December 2014


Zeiss VR One Mod to alter the Samsung Galaxy S5 tray to fit an LG G3 phone

The market leader in terms of integration and user experience is surely the combination of the Samsung Gear VR and the Galaxy Note 4, however, the price for this combo tallies in at about $800-$1000 (depending on where you buy the equipment). The other problem is that the Gear VR is currently only available in the US.

Granted, the 2560x1440 resolution of the Galaxy Note 4 is gorgeous, however, to just buy this phone to use it with the Gear VR seems a bit excessive. So what if there was a solution that is half the price tag of the Gear VR/Note 4 combo, has the same 2560x1440 resolution AND is already available widely in- and outside of the United States?

The Zeiss VR One is a strong competitor to the also mobile phone based Samsung Gear VR (with the Galaxy Note 4) and the PC based Oculus Rift. At $99 the Zeiss VR One is a very tempting alternative, however, at the time of writing it only offers trays for two supported phones, the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thus, like with the Gear VR the customer has to own or buy a compatible phone in order to be able to use the Zeiss VR One. But what if we want to use another phone that we already own? An LG G3 for example?

This video shows you how to successfully modify (mod) a Samsung Galaxy S5 tray to perfectly fit an LG G3 mobile phone in order to achieve a Virtual Reality experience that is similar to the Gear VR/Note 4, yet only costs half as much and is available now. All that is needed is a lighter, a cutter knife and a little bit of courage to alter the S5 tray.

Take a look at the video and discover how to get a 2560x1440 LG G3 powered VR Headset with glorious Zeiss optics. If you need a sample 360 degree video go on over to http://www.atmosphaeres.com and click on the Blowhole Beach Meditation & Relaxation video to download a free demo or the full 30 minute relaxation environment.

Disclaimer: Following the steps in this tutorial will void your warranty so only attempt this if you are willing to buy another tray if you mess it up. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for any damages to your phone, the Zeiss VR One or you health. If you hurt yourself with the hot knife that is entirely your own responsibility. But we know that you are a cautious human being so none of these things will happen, right?