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6 GoPro Rigs Exposure Settings March 17 2015

Testing different exposure settings on a 6 GoPro Rig for 360° Video production.


Zeiss VR One LG G3 Mod by 360 Galaxies December 26 2014

Zeiss VR One Mod to alter the Samsung Galaxy S5 tray to fit an LG G3 phone

The market leader in terms of integration and user experience is surely the combination of the Samsung Gear VR and the Galaxy Note 4, however, the price for this combo tallies in at about $800-$1000 (depending on where you buy the equipment). The other problem is that the Gear VR is currently only available in the US.


Research Shows Nature Helps With Stress April 24 2014

Michael Posner, professor emeritus at University of Oregon who studies attention, says that our brains gets fatigued after working for long periods of time, “particularly if we have to concentrate intensely or deal with a repetitive task.” Taking a break may or may not help deal with stress during high-pressure times. What’s crucial is the type of break taken: According to The Wall Street Journal, taking a stroll in the park “could do wonders” while drinking lots of coffee will just be further depleting. Also, in other instances, not taking a break at all may be the best course, simply powering through can be “more effective than pausing.”  

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