Atmospheric 360° videos - First Demonstrator

14 January 2014


I am flying out to Bali tomorrow so I only have very little time to show you a demonstrator for the 360° videos that I will be shooting in Bali and Kalimantan over the next few weeks. These videos are called Atmosphaeres (the ancient Greek spelling of Atmospheres) and will give you the opportunity to totally immerse yourself into another world in a spherical 360° video.


The way to watch these videos and experience the full 360° Atmosphaere is to download 'Kolor Eyes' onto your iPad or iPhone and then load the Glenelg Beach Volleyball Demonstrator into the Kolor Eyes App. You can then use the sensors in your iOS device to pan and tilt the entire 360 degrees of the video.


Here's the step by step guide:

1) Get the Kolor Eyes app here:

2) Open the app on your iPad/iPhone (yes, it's universal)

3) In the app, tap 'Menu'

4) Tap 'Browse Video Gallery'

5) Scroll down to 'Download media'

6) Copy and paste the below URL into the download field. This is best done with this post open on your iOS device (easier copy & paste). Make sure that you don't have two http:// in the link (i.e. http://http://australian-.).

Copy Link:


7) Hit 'Download' (file size ~190MB)

8) Enjoy a day at the Australian National Beach Volleyball Championships on the Glenelg foreshore.


Tip: Make sure to select these two icons in the menu at the bottom . Also, you may want to choose the Enhanced mode from the 'Effect' tab :)


Footage shot on SpheriCam, thanks to Jeffrey Martin (tip to hat).